Multiple Program Formats Available

Note that in addition to Self-Paced we also offer this program In-person and Virtually with a Live Facilitator.

Work That Counts™

A Framework for Cross-Functional Success

Work That Counts was developed using insights gained from decades of working with the best global innovation companies. This fresh program focuses on how to accelerate and strengthen the impact of professionals and all levels of management in today’s complex organizations.

Past and Present Clients

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome To Work That Counts

  • 2

    Empowered Relationships

    • Building Empowered Relationships

    • Empowered Relationships: Empowering

    • Team Leader - Key Skills for Empowerment

    • Activity:  Strengthen Your  Skills – Empowering

    • Empowered Relationships: Empowerable

    • Team Member - Key Skills for Empowerment

    • Activity:  Strengthen Your  Skills – Empowerable

    • Increase Team Leader's Confidence In Your Judgement

    • Empowerment Skills Case Study

    • Empowered Relationship - Case

    • Case Study Review and Application

    • Final Thoughts

    • Module 2 Knowledge Check

  • 3

    Align to do the Right Thing

    • Alignment and Exec Team Challenge

    • Alignment for your Real Team

    • Alignment Skills

    • Alignment Skills Review & Insight

    • Activity: Strengthen Your Skills

    • Engaging in Crisp Meetings

    • Expanding and Narrowing to Align

    • Get the Support You Need

    • Getting the Support You Need and Case Study

    • Alignment Skills - Get the support you need

    • Case Study Review and Application

    • Final Thoughts

    • Module 3 Knowledge Check

  • 4

    Collaborate Across Teams

    • Collaboration and Team Celebration

    • Collaboration Skills

    • Collaboration Skills Review

    • Activity: Strengthen Your Skills

    • Talk It Out and Case Study

    • Collaboration Skills - Talk it out

    • Case Study Review and Application

    • Final Thoughts

    • Module 4 Knowledge Check

  • 5

    Making It Real

    • Turning Insights Into Action

    • Making It Real

    • Reflection and Next Steps

    • Success Survey

Course Price

Self-Paced Course Format

What Teams Are Saying

“Thank you for your time and passion! Work That Counts was very insightful to the challenges that each of us face daily and the tips are invaluable.”

Robert Jones, Sales Compensation and Performance Management Director, Facebook

“Work That Counts is the kind of workshop companies will want to sponsor, because it creates immediate value – people apply world class skills and insights to real projects – to immediately start getting better results.”

Todd Pierce, formerly Executive Vice President of Operations and Mobility,; formerly SVP and CIO, Genentech

“I was able to directly apply the insights I learned during Work That Counts. It is very interactive and practical, and the framework is one I’m able to use daily in my work.”

Christine Landon, Sr. Director Enterprise Growth and Development, eBay

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